Drawing Auctions

Art auctions for drawings are categorized right into antique, modern and contemporary. Antique illustrations are any type of drawings that were created before 19th century. Modern drawings have been developed in between 1900-49. Contemporary drawings are illustrations that were developed from 1950 up until today.

There are a great deal of contemporary illustrations provided in art public auctions that never obtain a bidder. There are lots of reasons for this. One of the major reasons is that the beginning bid is established so extreme that it turns people off. There was an art auction for a drawing that was produced in 2000 that showed James Dean receiving Elvis right into Heaven. The starting rate for this art auction was twelve million dollars. I am not amazed that it did not obtain a bidder.

I discovered one more pen and ink drawing in an art public auction that was noted for a whole lot greater than it deserved. The initial listing started at $825,000.00. When it did not get an offer, the artist reduced the price to $545,000.00. He provides the copy write to the design, which he believes would convert well for prints, posters, or greeting cards.

There was an art auction for a drawing that was acquired in 1971 London that did extremely well. The seller of the drawing inherited it from his grandpa, that was the initial owner. He began the bidding process at a practical $599.00 and the drawing sold in the art public auction for over twelve thousand dollars. He did a terrific task describing and imagining the drawing.

Antique illustrations in art public auctions could amass a great deal of interest. I saw a drawing of two guys in the nude that was drawn in the 1800’s go for more than eleven thousand dollars. This drawing was pen and ink and had a brown wash and traces of charcoal on lines of black pencil.