I often think about what the world would be like without creativity, drawing, artistry? It would be a dull boring world! It just amazes me that people don’t get this. In schools, when there is a need to cut programs, the first ones that go are the art clubs, drama clubs, and music programs. How can educators not realize that creativity is the bases for everything from science to sports. It is the notion of “thinking outside the line” that has led to some of the biggest discoveries in math and science is recent years.

This is what I am all about, drawing, art, and creating. I know as a boy, I was always sketching, even if it was just what my room looked like. So yeah, I am one of those artsy types. Even if it isn’t my own drawings, I love to check out what other people come up with in their mind. What made you draw this? What was your inspiration? You know, you can tell a lot about a person by what they draw, what they have created at a certain time and place in their lives.

If you have any suggestions on drawing blog topics, just drop me a line. Thanks for checking me out.